A trip to Kiama

Today I went with my family on a family trip to Kiama. First we went to see the blowhole. Water spurt really high up in the air, one almost wet us!!!!!! After the blowhole we went to Kiama markets. At the markets I bought a necklace and bracelet set, two gemstones – one peacock ore the other one Amethyst. I also bought a picture of the original painting of two dancers. After the markets I went to eat fish and chips for lunch. Before we went to get some gelato, we went and looked in some shops. That’s when I bought my dream catcher ( which is now hanging above my bed ). I had a really fun day with my family.

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3 thoughts on “A trip to Kiama

  1. What a lovely day Mei, I love all your purchases today, they are very beautiful. I have been to Kiama many years ago and yes the blow hole is quite amazing. 🙂

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